Terranea Aerial 2Vice President & LLC Managing Director

Lowe Destination Development


I joined Lowe Destination Development in November 0f 2004 as a Vice President and LLC Managing Director for Terrenea Resort, Rancho Palos Verdes, California.  I was responsible for all aspects of the project including finances, design, engineering and entitlements.  The 100-acre site was formerly Marineland of the Pacific and now includes private residences, condominium rentals, and a 400-room resort and spa.  When I joined Lowe Destination Development the project had just completed a tortuous seven year entitlement process through the California Coastal Commission.  My primary task was to take a conceptually approved design and complete the design process while conforming to and complying with 250+ conditions of approval from the Coastal Commission and City of Rancho Palos Verdes, all the while maintaining the established budget.  We successfully completed design and marketing of the for-sale residential component and pre-sold all of the units.  The sales center and model units that we constructed one the MAME Sales Center of the Year award for 2006.  We also completed the bulk of the hotel design work and a significant portion of the Coastal Commission and City conditions of approval.  Unfortunately the budget established for the project was inadequate and it was decided to delay the project and re-capitalize before moving forward.  I chose to leave the project and start KLI Companies at that time.

Project Location Role Size ($’s) Size (Physical) Operator Year
Terranea   Resort Rancho Palos Verdes, California LLC Managing Director  $420M 400 Keys, 82 for-sale residential   units, 100 Acres Destination Hotels & Resorts 2004-2005
Project   Type Key Consultants Owner/Client Contractor Deliverables
Destination   Resort Hotel Architect:  Hill-Glazier Studio, Interior Design:   Babey-Moulton-Jue & Booth (BAMO), Landscape Architect: Burton Associates,   Civil Engineering: Keith Companies, Residential Architect: Scheurer Design   Studio, Residential Interiors: Creative Design Consulting Long Point Development Company   (Lowe Development Corp) Turner Construction Completed Design,   Compliance with Coastal Commission Conditions of Approval, Final Budget,   Final Contracts