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Client:  Resort Cayo Largo, LLC (DLJ Real Estate Capital Partners)


In 2009 I was contacted by a group that had acquired an existing but shuttered resort hotel property in Puerto Rico.  The assignment was to assist in assembling the design team, negotiate design consultant contracts, and complete a schematic concept design and accompanying detailed cost estimate and budget for approval by Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.  The Owners also wanted budgets for multiple design options to analyze different room mix and quantity options.  During 2009 we worked to prepare a variety of design options and concepts that culminated in a final schematic design and pricing package in 2010.  This included Architectural, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering, Mechanical-Electrical-Life Safety and Restaurant/Food Service design packages.  In order to prepare the budget estimate in the necessary detail we undertook a complete analysis of existing structures and systems to see what could be re-used/repaired and what must be replaced.  We also solicited proposals for demolition of existing buildings and developed detailed roadway and utility infrastructure plans, profiles and sections that were used to prepare detailed site grading, paving and utility pricing.   We worked with the design team to prepare detailed area and quantity surveys and material finish schedules that were used to prepare detailed building cost estimates and had our in-house estimates verified by a general contractor doing the same exercise independently.  We also prepared detailed FF&E and OS&E costs estimates on a per room and per area basis.  Finally, we worked closely with Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and the consultant team to develop and analyze value engineering (VE) alternatives.  In the end we delivered complete design and concept packages for Architecture, Interior Design, Master Planning, Landscape Architecture and Food Service Concepts together with complete and detailed project budgets and cost estimates for multiple resort configurations.

Location Role Size ($’s) Size (Physical) Operator Year
Fajardo,   Puerto Rico Design Management, Budgeting   & Estimating $300M (Estimated) 640 Acres, 225 keys, golf course,   spa Four Seasons 2009-2010
Key   Consultants Owner/Client Contractor Deliverables
Hotel   Architect: HKS Hill-Glazier Studio, Interior Design: Brayton-Hughes Design   Studio, Master-Planning: Hart Howerton Associates, Landscape Architect: One   Leisure Resort at Cayo Largo, LLC /   DLJ Real Estate Capital Partners Bouygues Construction (pricing and   estimating only) Complete Estimates,   Budget, Schematic Architecture, Landscape, Interiors, Restaurant Plans