Owner-Principal, KLI Companies

Client: LXR Resorts (Blackstone Group, LP)


I was retained in December of 2006 to be the project manager for a planned major renovation of the Boulders Resort in Carefree, Arizona.  Prior to my arrival concept design work had already been done for the room renovatin and golf clubhouse renovation and discarded because of the high cost.  While we continued re-design and model room construction for the rooms portion of the renovation the golf clubhouse portion sat dormant for quite some time.  In 2009 ownership made a committment to invest $3.4 million in a complete renovation and expansion of the golf clubhouse facilities.  These facilities were part of a private membership club and included 2 restaurants, locker rooms, lounges, fitness and related areas.  My role was to act as a direct liason with the Membership Design Committee established and to deliver a Membership approved design that was within the overall budget established.  I selected and hired architectural, interior design, food service, structureal, MEP and other design consultants and we produced working drawings for the facility that went out to bid in late 2009.  Although the bids came back within the budget targets Ownership made the decision not to proceed because of the worsening economy at that time.  However, under pressure from Membership, they decided to undertake a renovation of one of the restaurants and the Member’s lounge facilities in 2010.  I selected contractors for the work and we began construction in July of 2010 and completed at the end of October that same year.  The renovated restaurnant and lounge were recieved very well and had a marked increase in business and revenue that winter.  As a result Ownership agreed to renovate the other restaurant the following year which we again began in July and completed in November 2011.

Project Location Role Size ($’s) Size (Physical) Operator Year
Boulders   Golf Clubhouse Restaurant Renovations The Boulders Resort, Carefree,   Arizona Budgeting and Estimating, Design   Management, Construction Management $1M 20,000 SF Hilton Waldorf-Astoria 2010-2011
Project   Type Key Consultants Owner/Client Contractor Deliverables
Club   Membership Golf Clubhouse Architect and Interior   Designer:  Studio 4 Design, Purchasing:   Direct Consulting and Purchasing Wind P1 Mortgage Borrower, LLC /   Blackstone Subcontracted on behalf of Owner Complete Estimates,   Budget, Construction Documents, FFE Specifications