I have been in Dehli, India all week.  My first trip here.  We are here for coordination meetings with our designers, engineers, vendors, subcontractors and suppliers.  Although the project is based in Chad, Sub-Saharan Africa, the design, supply and construction of the project is truly an international effort.  We have Halton here from Paris, France, Al Ansari Trading Enterprise from Oman, our company, Salim Group, Inc. from the Unitied States, I-Field Limited from China, HPG Consulting and Space-N-Form from Dehli, Protek from the UAE and others.  We chose to meet in Dehli  because several members of our design team have offices here and it is centrally located for most of the others.  As the Owner’s Representative I usually travel the furthest.  I go where the team and the work is.

The primary purpose of our trip was to coordinate the design of the food and beverage equipment  with the design of the built-in architectural elements and finishes; the bar dies, counters, granite counters and cladding, decorative metal cladding, etc.  Basically making sure that all that fancy equipment fits properly and interfaces with the interior design.  And making sure all the technical things are accounted for and integrated.  Like the digital displays for the hood systems that are new, and interfacing the fire protections system with the hoods and fire alarm systems, and coordination of the point of sale, locations, printers, cabling, etc, into the counters and bars.  With the limited resources found locally in Chad, we really must get this right before we release production and begin fabrication.  It was a good meeting over two days.  I enjoy this part of my work.  And there are always problems to resolve and opportunities to make it better.  I-Field is producing and installing all the architectural millwork, doors and door frames, bars and buffet tables, stone and metal finishes, and furnishings for the project.  They are also doing specialty glass work, fabric panels, and decorative light fixtures for us.  Al Ansari Trading Enterprise is providing all the kitchen equipment, display cases, stainless steel countertops and cabinets and all the other food and beverage equipment.  Halton is providing the hoods.  HPG Global has done all of he design, programming and specification for the equipment, cooking and service areas, and back-of-house spaces.  Space-N-Form has done all of the production plans for the interior design and back-of-house packages.   Vision Design of Dallas, Texas has done all of the interior design concepts and specification of finishes and furnishings.

Our later meetings were final review and coordination of all the laundry equipment being supplied by Protek, the fire alarm systems being supplied by Sterling and Wilson, and all of the water circulation systems, heat exchangers, pumps and the like by JKR Techno.

I want to say a special thank you to Rajat Rialch of HPG Consulting.  He was exceedingly kind and took me on a several hour car tour of Dehli.  He also hosted a dinner at a local restaurant nearby that he is an owner of.  The restaurant was named DROOL and has a great outdoor dining space where we ate local Indian cuisine and had cocktails and wine.  A great experience for me.  Rabah Ziane of Halton, Ramin Youssefzadeh of Salim Group and Abhay Bhargava of I-Field Limited and his family joined us.  Abhay is originally from India but now lives in Guangzhou, China so it was a bit of a homecoming for him.  I posted some pictures below that I took out of the car windows with my cell phone while driving around Dehli.  Although Dehli has been great, they announced today that it has the worst air pollution in the world, which explains why so many of the pictures are not clear.

I have also included some links and contact information for our designers, vendors and suppliers in case anyone reading this has a project coming up in Africa, Asia or the middle east and needs any of the services listed.

Food Service and Lsundry Design/Hotel Technical Services
HPG Consulting, Plot No. 5, 2nd Floor, Tokas Complex, Sector-19, Dwarka, New Delhi – 110075 INDIA
Mr.Neel Kamal Chauhan Tel – +91 11 28042143, 28042144  Email neel@hpgconsulting.com; projects@hpgconsulting.com Websitewww.hpgconsulting.com
Food Service Equipment
Al Ansari Trading Enterprise LLC, P.O. Box 1832, Ruwi, Postal Code 112, Sultantate of Oman
Mr. Ajay Menon Tel – 968-24810022 Ext 272  Emailajay@alansarioman.com  Website – http://alansarioman.com
FF&E, Architectural Fixtures and Millwork
I-Field Limited, Room 506, Building No. 3, No. 47, YileRoad, Haizhu District, Guangzhou P.R. China
Mr. Abhay Bhargava – Tel -+86-20-39232167,39232577,39232657 Email – abhay@ifield.com.cn  Websitehttp://Ifield.com.cn
Kitchen Hoods
Halton SAS, Technoparc Futura BP102, 62402 BETHUNE Cedex, France
Mr. Rabah ZianeTEL – +33 (0)3 21 64 62 45  Emailrabah.ziane@halton.com  Website – http://halton.com
Laundry Equipment
Protek, Dubai / Jebel Ali, P.O. Box 49697, Showroom No. 6, Al Nasr Palace Building, Oud Metha Road
Tel – +971 4 334 1110  Websitehttp://protecklaundry.com  http://protekgulf.com
Art, Architecture, Interior Design
space n form, 19/1, Gangadhara Chetty Road, Opp. RBANMS Ground, Bangalore – 560 042 India
Ms. Kirthsana Shetty  Tel – +91-80-4113 5795  Email – shetty@spacenform.com  Website – http://spacenform.com

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